Ethical code

Ethical code


     Along with the PCC EXOL development, the ethical responsibility becomes an increasingly important part of our business culture. The making of right decisions that have a favourable impact on the Company and its environment is not the only gain. It is also the way of doing business in the manner compliant with the values that guide our actions. The success of our company is one of the reasons why we attach increasing importance to the running of business in accordance with the principles of ethics. It contributes to the greater contentment of employees, improved satisfaction of clients and closer relations with local communities and the whole environment in which we operate.

The ethical culture and its values reflect our belief in doing good not only for our stakeholders, but also for the world around us. In the present conditions in the surfactant industry the best chance for success is embraced by those manufacturers that offer to their clients, apart from high quality products, favourable prices or new application solutions, also a number of added intangible values such as ethical citizenship. The investment in building strong communities inside and outside of the company represents its integral part. It emphasises the commitment to sustainable future and forms the solid platform for our business.

Mirosław Siwirski 

President of the Management Board, General Director

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