Another "Large Pearl of the Polish Economy" for PCC EXOL SA!

Another "Large Pearl of the Polish Economy" for PCC EXOL SA!


Brzeg Dolny, 16 March 2018

In November 2017 PCC EXOL was again awarded the title of "Pearl of the Polish Economy". The prize was awarded in the category of "Large Pearls", for consistent implementation of the company's policy and strategy and for a strong leadership position among the most dynamic and effective enterprises in Poland.

"Large Pearl" is a great distinction for the company, classifying PCC EXOL among Polish companies that are boldly looking into the future, investing and are not afraid of making difficult decisions. As a producer of surfactants, we operate in conditions of strong competition, especially on European markets. Therefore, we must use our advantages in a thoughtful manner, identify market niches, analyze risks and consistently implement the adopted strategy. In Exol, we are always looking for new opportunities to explore the production infrastructure. Using the knowledge and experience of employees, we implement new, specialized products or find new applications for those that we already have on offer. Awards such as "Pearls of the Polish Economy" confirm our conviction that we are heading in the right direction. They are a reward for the hard work of many people, their determination and passion they find in performing their daily tasks. " – said the President of the Management Board, Mirosław Siwirski.

The position on the "Pearls of the Polish Economy" ranking list depends not only on the size of the company measured by the value of revenues, but also on the efficiency and dynamics of the company's development as well as other indicators reflecting its economic situation. For PCC EXOL SA it is also an award for perseverance in the implementation of the strategy and vision.

The organizer of the "Pearls" ranking is the English-language monthly "Polish Market" whose mission is to promote the Polish economy, science and culture abroad. For years, the magazine has been created at a very high editorial level. It represents our country and supports its activities on the international arena.

The "Pearls of the Polish Economy" ranking is prepared by scientists from the Decision Analysis and Support Department, the Institute of Econometric of Warsaw School of Economics, and the awarding of distinctions to Polish enterprises is carried out in accordance with criteria and methodology developed on the basis of international auditing indicators. The publication of the ranking is one of the most important economic events and is recognized every year by political, business and scientific elite.

Marta Śnieżek
Marketing Specialist

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