Development of the PCC Group Product Platform

Development of the PCC Group Product Platform


Brzeg Dolny, 1 October 2020

The latest stage of development of the PCC Group Product Portal was completed on 1 October 2020. The new implementation involved the launch of 3 new language versions of the platform in the automatic translation mode. Currently, the PCC Group offers its customers access to information about its products in 4 language versions which are available in full translation on the platform (Polish, German, English and Russian) and 6 language versions available in the automatic translation mode. This has given the users of the Product Portal an additional opportunity to use information about PCC Group products in languages such as French, Spanish and Turkish and the recently added Italian, Portuguese and Korean languages.

The PCC Group Product Portal is a comprehensive tool for searching products offered by companies operating within the chemical division of the PCC holding. The PCC product platform is growing very dynamically and offers its users not only access to extensive information about products, but also provides interesting information published by the company's experts on the blog and in the Knowledge Base. In these sections you can find information on new products, including specialised chemicals for many industries. In addition, you will find interesting facts from the world of chemistry and articles about the numerous applications of the products of the PCC Group companies. It is worth noting that this modern online platform is being changed and developed on the basis of current statistical analyses, as well as on the basis of observed market trends in particular industries, the characteristics of the chemical market and on the basis of the demography of users seeking information about chemical products and industrial formulations. Thanks to such analyses, the PCC Group is able to make changes on an ongoing basis and introduce new functionalities useful to customers and users of its online product database.

The PCC Group Product Portal in numbers

  • More than 1100 chemical products and industrial formulations.
  • 5 main product segments.
  • 31 industries to which the offer of PCC Group is addressed.
  • 4 language versions in full translation (Polish, English, German and Russian).
  • 6 language versions in the automatic translation mode (Spanish, Turkish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Korean).
  • An average of 65,000 visits per month (the data does not include visits from the computers of PCC Group employees).
  • More than 60% of traffic generated organically (free search results).
  • 5 product filtering parameters depending on the user's preferences (chemical structure, function and application, industry, segment, manufacturer).
  • Offer of 14 PCC Group companies


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