Brzeg Dolny, 10 November 2015

European ecological mark for cosmetic ingredients manufactured at PCC EXOL SA

More and more often the customers decide to purchase cosmetics and personal care products not only on the basis of their quality and price, but also the way of manufacture and the composition of raw materials. The consumers tend to choose products bearing the marks of ecological certificates, or certified by the internationally recognized environmental or social organizations.

In September this year, PCC EXOL joined the group of producers, whose products bear the ECOCERT mark. The ecological mark ECOCERT COSMETICS and ECOCERT for the raw materials according to the COSMOS standard is the most important and most recognized in Europe quality and environmental safety certificate of cosmetic products and raw materials used for their production. The ECOCERT mark opens the door to cooperation with many cosmetic manufacturers that have an established position on the market. These companies have very restrictive systems of qualifying the suppliers. The ECOCERT certification awarded to four products on PCC EXOL offer shortens the process of qualifying the Company as a supplier of cosmetic ingredients, making it a reliable, fair entity, perceived as environmentally and socially responsible organization.

Znak ECOCERT oprócz swojej funkcji ekologicznej i informacyjnej spełnia również funkcję stymulującą i marketingową. Te dwie ostatnie przyczyniają się do sukcesu firm, które zdecydowały się na ekologiczne oznakowanie swoich produktów.

In addition to its ecological and informative function, the ECOCERT mark also plays the stimulating and marketing-related role. Such a role contributes to the success of the companies that have decided to eco-label their products.Due to the European ECOCERT mark, PCC EXOL strengthens its competitive position on the market by building a strong sustainable brand. Using the mark, the Company informs the consumers and business partners about responsible management at every stage of the value chain, including the sourcing of raw materials, which decide on product quality and degree of environmental impact.

What is Ecocert?

Ecocert is a quality mark attesting product compliance with the environmental requirements. You can find it on good natural and organic cosmetics, and eco-friendly cleaning products, supplements or textiles made from natural fabrics.

Ecocert is also a certifying authority, which was established France in 1991. It was founded by agricultural engineers, whose key objective was to develop rules and regulations of manufacturing biological products and to promote ecological farming.

At present, Ecocert is an officially recognised inspection and certification body, confirming compliance with the requirements for ecological products. Outside of France, it has its representative offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. They have been established to issue certificates and keep control over the companies offering green products. ECOCERT offers its services of control and certification in approximately 80 countries worldwide.

Beata Gruś
Marketing & Sustainable Development Manager




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