How are we doing during the pandemic?

How are we doing during the pandemic?


Brzeg Dolny, 1 June 2020

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, production at PCC EXOL went very smoothly on all five plants. How is the Company coping during the pandemic now?

PCC EXOL is not affected too much by the outbreak of COVID-19. Production at production plants is normal. Customer orders are fulfilled on time. There were also no disturbances in the availability of raw materials. In order to meet market demand, PCC EXOL had to adapt its production facilities quickly and efficiently to the production of disinfectants, which are known to be very necessary especially in times of epidemics.

At present, these disinfectants are available in the Company’s offer on the product portal:

It is also important that PCC EXOL produces strategic raw materials for many industries. Aside from agents used to disinfect hands and hard surfaces, which we have just started to produce, we also manufacture a range of raw materials for the production of detergents and washing agents, which are basic necessities, especially now. Surfactants are raw materials that are absolutely essential for the food, pharmaceutical, paint, textile, construction and agrochemical industries. PCC EXOL surfactants are present in all fields of our lives.

The safety of our employees is monitored by the Safety and Prevention Department. All our staff have been provided with visors and protective gloves. All our production and social facilities are of course regularly disinfected.

For more information, we present a short film with the participation of Marta Witkowska – Director of the Production Department of PCC EXOL. We invite you to watch!

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