PCC EXOL “Pure Beauty”

PCC EXOL “Pure Beauty”


Brzeg Dolny, 4 November 2015

September 2015 was the time for our Company that has proven to be full of important and interesting events. One of them was becoming a member of “Pure Beauty”, the Polish Association of Producers of Cosmetics and Detergents. This is the only sector organization in Poland that operates basing on the synergy of such a large branch of industry.

As participants of the Association, together with other manufacturers, we promote scientific, economic and social progress, helping to improve health and living conditions of the society following the European and international trends for sustainable production and consumption.
The areas of “Pure Beauty” operation include cosmetics, cleaning agents, biocides, aerosols, raw materials for production of cosmetics and cleaning agents, packaging and waste, as well as any aspects of production and trade relevant for Association members (such as REACH regulations and other legal provisions, taxes).

PCC EXOL SA, as a full-fledged member of the Association, takes part in its mission by casting own vote in matters important for the sector of detergents and cosmetics in Poland. The consultations are held multidirectionally and require the Company employees to track the legislative changes, problems and industry barriers on an ongoing basis, to analyse them carefully and then to take a specific stand supported by the arguments related to the activity of the Company. Thanks to this, we have a real influence on shaping the conditions in which the cosmetic sector functions, and we receive benefits from the Association that include:

•    Support and assistance in our daily work (e.g. in the interpretation of the legal regulations),
•    Support in the situation of unreasonable expectations of the inspection and control bodies,
•    Assistance in the case of crisis,
•    Preferential access to the most up-to-date expertise,
•    Information necessary to fulfil the legal and administrative obligations,
•    Individual substantive advice,
•    Participation in national and EU legislative processes – influence on shaping the law.

The legal regulations governing the products such as cosmetics, detergents and biocides are constantly changing. Being a member of the “Pure Beauty” Association that operates under the auspices of A.I.S.E and Cosmetic Europe, PCC EXOL SA has permanent access to the most up-to-date knowledge on the current European legislation and any changes planned in it. 

The “Pure Beauty” Association works under the auspices of the European organisations A.I.S.E. and Cosmetics Europe. Due to the activity and effective operations of the Association, today the sector of cosmetics and cleaning agents speaks with one voice. It takes one, uniform position towards the authorities, the media and various groups of stakeholders.


The “Pure Beauty” Association brings together 56 companies that launch almost 300 product brands on the Polish market and provide more than 100 000 places of work in total.



Beata Gruś
Marketing & Sustainable Development Manager

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