PCC EXOL Group's record-high net profit for 2020

PCC EXOL Group's record-high net profit for 2020


Brzeg Dolny, 15 March 2021

The PCC EXOL Group generated very good consolidated results in 2020, including the historically highest profit and the highest product sales. Group EBITDA reached PLN 70 million (+35.1% y/y) and net profit attained PLN 40.2 million (+42% y/y). Gross margin on sales in 2020 reached 20%, largely as a consequence of increased demand for products for cosmetics and detergent applications and lower raw material prices.

In the cosmetics and detergents product group, sales showed a material growth, by up to 12%, as compared to 2019. These products are the main ingredients in such goods as liquid soaps and other washing and cleaning products.

Last year was a successful period for us, notwithstanding many uncertainties and a significant slowdown in the global economy. The development of the pandemic boosted demand for our products from the cosmetics and detergents group - emphasizes Dariusz Ciesielski, President of the Management Board. Currently the interest in these products is still high and the Company's sales are similar to the end of last year.

The Group's strategy assumes diversification of products and their recipients. PCC EXOL is constantly expanding its customer base and places great emphasis on niche, high-margin products. Moreover, the Group's development direction gains its force from investment projects.

Last year, we continued the Group's largest current investment project, the construction of a high-mol oxyalkylate unit. We plan to complete it in the middle of this year. – asserts Rafał Zdon, Deputy President of the Management Board. The new facility will enable us to make products designed for such sectors as industrial cleaning, paper production and food processing. Thus PCC EXOL will be able to expand its portfolio with highly specialised products, which have been enjoying growing interest in recent years.

PCC EXOL is also finalizing the construction of a pilot system for anionic surfactants for much faster development of new, innovative products. Thanks to the flexibility of PCC EXOL's production lines, the Company is able to respond quickly to clients' expectations and adapt production to their diverse requirements.

Furthermore, backed by the activity of research and development teams, PCC EXOL was able to launch a number of new products with properties meeting expectations of the most demanding customers with international reputation last year.


About the Company

PCC EXOL SA is the major producer of surfactants in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It supplies surfactants for production of detergents and cosmetics, and for industrial applications. PCC EXOL has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since August 2012. Since 2016, it has been issuing bonds introduced to trading on Catalyst. PCC EXOL is a company operating as part of the international PCC concern headed by the PCC European Company with its headquarters in Duisburg. The PCC Group is expanding into international markets in the Chemicals, Energy and Logistics divisions and boasts a headcount of approx. 3,600 employees in 18 countries.

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