PCC EXOL SA promotes safety

PCC EXOL SA promotes safety


Brzeg Dolny, 27 February 2015

........In February this year, PCC SA began intensively implementing an occupational safety management system in accordance with ISO 18001 and European standard OHSAS. In the second half of the month, a team of internal auditors working within the PCC Rokita SA Group and PCC EXOL SA conducted a review and verification of the organisation's preparation for the certification process. During the audits, key areas covered by the requirements of the standards and legal regulations were identified. Lines of action were established and procedures related to ensuring occupational health and safety at the Company were systematised.

An important element in the promotion of safety rules at PCC EXOL SA is the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which was developed and implemented in the first quarter of 2014. Its principal value comes from its strong focus on improving the culture of occupational safety, process safety and prevention. The document defines all necessary actions to aimed at ensuring safe working conditions. It constitutes a declaration of continuous improvement and achievement of better and better OHS results by the organisation. The adopted policy also defines ways to achieve the Company's objectives.

'Today, efficient management requires a systemic look at the organisation from the perspective of each area that functions within it. This applies to both business activities and any supporting actions, without which it would be impossible to efficiently and effectively implement the tasks for which the company was founded. Similarly to quality or environmental protection, modern management also requires a systemic approach to issues related to occupational health and safety. We identify and monitor risks affecting the safety of our employees, and declare continuous improvement in this extremely important area', replied President of the Management Board Mirosław Siwirski when asked about ongoing safety activities at PCC EXOL SA.

The essence of managing safety in an organisation is not only preventing injuries and occupational diseases of employees. It also applies to all events that result in losses, such as failures of installations, equipment and facilities, and the associated downtimes. The actions taken are also to contribute to the elimination of potential causes of hazardous events, and to building a positive image of a safe company. PCC EXOL SA considers the management of occupational health and safety as a matter of priority: it implements the introduced policy, identifies and evaluates risks, and participates in the activities of the PCC Group that are aimed at conducting operations in a manner that protects employees, facilities and equipment from the damaging effects of various risks.

Beata Gruś
Marketing & Sustainable Development Manager

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