Renovation of tanker car wash nearing completion

Renovation of tanker car wash nearing completion


Brzeg Dolny, 26 May 2020

Until now, the car wash had one full-size and one supporting station. By the end of August, there will be another full-size one equipped with five washing heads. The current station will also be upgraded and adapted to the possibility of washing not only typical tank-containers, but also unusual tankers, including those with a large tank capacity. An automated station for washing large, portable IBC containers and other packaging will also be created. The upgrade will allow three tankers to be washed simultaneously.

PCC Autochem has decided to modernise the car wash in view of the increased demand for such services. The modern washing equipment installed will enable a comprehensive washing service to be carried out more efficiently and in a shorter time.

It is the only car wash in Lower Silesia with an ECD certificate, a document confirming compliance with international quality standards. The car wash operates tanks, tank-containers and containers for transporting chemicals and fuels.

Regular cleaning of tanks is extremely important for tanks carrying harmful substances. This requires specialised equipment and qualified personnel. Transport companies are obliged to comply with many regulations, among others they must take care of safety and keep tanks impeccably clean and sterile. In order to avoid contamination, sediment left behind by transported substances or foodstuffs should be thoroughly removed. Therefore, the washing devices must be very effective. Before each loading, the tanker should be checked for cleanliness for residue and odours from the previous load.

Tank cleaning must be carried out by specialised car washes that are equipped with appropriate equipment, if only because of the substances that are often transported being dangerous to people and the environment. The PCC Autochem car wash has the most modern, innovative equipment, thanks to which it is possible to wash tanks without exposing people and the environment to negative effects.

When the modernisation of the car wash is completed, its capacity and throughput will be significantly increased, which will contribute to shortening the waiting time for the cleaning service. The use of top-class washing equipment will enable reduction of heat emission, lower consumption of water, steam and electricity.

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