The President of the Management Board of PCC EXOL SA on the UN Global Compact Network Poland Programme Board

The President of the Management Board of PCC EXOL SA on the UN Global Compact Network Poland Programme Board


Brzeg Dolny, 12 March 2015

........In early March, the UN Global Compact Network Poland office reported that the President of the Management Board of PCC EXOL SA, Mirosław Siwirski, was appointed as a Member of the UN Global Compact Programme Board in Poland. The nomination is a tribute to PCC EXOL's involvement for sustainable development and promotion of corporate social responsibility not only in the country, but also abroad.

The Programme Board of Global Compact Network Poland consists of highly qualified specialists in their fields, as well as directors and presidents of the most involved companies, who operate in one of the four priority areas of UN Global Compact: human rights, environmental protection, employment rights, and anti-corruption. Currently, the Board has 45 members. These include representatives from the worlds of politics, business and science.

The purpose of the Programme Board of UN Global Compact in Poland is conceptual support in the creation and implementation of initiatives and programmes in the area of the core values of Global Compact, as well as developing standards based on the concept of sustainable development. Through collaboration with the government, public administration, the private sector, NGOs and academic institutions, the Programme Board works for the development, implementation and promotion of the 10 principles of UN Global Compact in the area of respect for human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

PCC EXOL SA has only been a signatory to UN Global Compact for less than 1.5 years. Since that turning point we have been promoting sustainable chemicals in accordance with the principles of business ethics, and social and environmental responsibility. The invitation to become a member of the Programme Board in Poland is a result of the implementation of best practices and efforts for sustainable development. It is a great honour for the Company, and creates new opportunities associated with the exchange of experiences and open dialogue between the participants of the Global Compact Board.

Beata Gruś
Sustainable Development Manager

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