Working safely in a pandemic

Working safely in a pandemic


Brzeg Dolny, 1 June 2020

Employee safety is a priority for us. That is why we have implemented new protection measures in response to the prevailing coronavirus epidemic.

Regular disinfection is carried out on the premises of PCC companies. Hand disinfectant dispensers have been placed at the main gate and in the staff buildings. For this purpose we use the highest quality preparations that come from our production.

As part of employee support, the #disinfectantforemployees campaign was also held. On designated days, anyone could receive two liters of ROKO Professional Anti-Virus + disinfectant.

We have also provided protective visors that can be worn in public places on company premises. In accordance with the regulations issued, the mouth and nose must be covered, which is why we have prepared a visor to facilitate the protection of our employees.

There is also a film that shows what our method of effective disinfection is.

Thanks to the protection measures provided, we can continue to work and deliver to our customers without planned interruptions.

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