PCC remains committed to education in Tanzania


Since 2007, PCC has been supporting the African relief project AOHM (Amani Orphans' Home Mbigili), a children's village for AIDS orphans in southern Tanzania ( www.mbigili.de  ). PCC financed the construction of one of four children's houses there, which was completed in 2008. Today, nine orphans aged 5 to 15 live here together with their house-mum. The energy supply for the children's home was secured thanks to the installation of a solar power facility for the building.

Striving to give young people a better future, PCC also supports students through study grants. In January 2011, PCC extended its commitment, giving three students the opportunity to study at a Tanzanian university.

Prior to launching PCC's support, PCC owner Waldemar Preussner went to Tanzania to make sure on site that the donations are invested in a useful way and for the good of the orphans.
At this year's Investors' Day, AOHM representatives are expected once again to give their report on current affairs in the children's village and the plans for the future.

Patronage of Children’s Homes

We support children living in two nearby children's homes: in Godzięcin and Krzydlina Mała. We visit them on the St. Nicholas’s Day and Easter, and also support current activities run by those institutions.


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