Sustainable development

Sustainable development



     The surfactants market constitutes a significant sector of industry in Poland and around the world. Manufacture of surfactants is a highly specialized operation, conducted by only several chemical companies. In the global scale, there is only a relatively small group of manufacturers producing surfactants. This group includes, amongst others, PCC EXOL SA – a leader in surfactant production in Central and Eastern Europe. On the other hand, demand of surfactants is very high and it will continue to grow, as indicated by the results of current market research.

PCC EXOL S.A., being a technologically advanced company, concentrates on sustainable activities aiming at increasing the share of specialist surfactants in sales revenues. An important move in this scope was the inclusion in the Company’s structure of PCC Chemax, an American manufacturer of specialist surfactants applied in sectors such as construction, textiles, metallurgy, and refining and extracting industry. The new entity within the structure of PCC EXOL S.A. has substantial effect on increasing market shares in North America, and opens new expansion directions e.g. to Asian markets. Apart from new business areas, PCC Chemax contributed significantly to R&D, creating new, more extensive research and development possibilities. Thanks to this, production processes are less energy-consuming, and manufactured surfactants with numerous applications make the resulting products more environment-friendly. 

In terms of the long-term business strategy of PCC EXOL, sustainable operation becomes more and more significant. This concerns both environmental aspects as well as the social area. For example, the implementation of a policy for limiting the emission of greenhouse gases, a certified RSPO system relating to raw materials identification within the supply chain, or the planned implementation of new systems for managing emissions, energy and safety – both in terms of work environment and production processes. The company also concentrates on aspects such as sustainable raw materials management, rational consumption of water, and effective waste management. At this stage of modelling the strategy, the company is implementing and maintaining good practices, e.g. in the area of manufacturing components for cosmetic formulas and personal hygiene products. The aforementioned practices applied in PCC EXOL S.A. also concern saving thermal and electric energy, water, and paper. Thanks to this, employees themselves can not only directly influence the state of the natural environment but also contribute to a reduction of costs relating to the operation of the company. All these activities are aimed at meeting the needs of clients, with whom PCC EXOL S.A. maintains an open dialogue. Clients openly communicate their needs and benefits from promoting sustainable products on global markets.

Creating its competitive position on the surfactants market, the Company engages in limiting the unfavourable environmental effect, mainly through manufacturing and offering sustainable products. Therefore, the idea of sustainable development is the key aspect in all areas of management and in each operational process. Today, searching for ways to increase the ecological capacity of surfactants through conducting research works, innovations, new technologies, and investments are essential, also in consideration of the increasing requirements of clients, in particular global clients. It is them that set forth the trends of the global economy.

     Since 2012, PCC EXOL S.A. has been identifying and monitoring a wide range of environmental aspects such as generating sewage, waste, emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and soil, use of natural resources, failure-related threats. Currently, emissions of greenhouse gases are subject to special attention. In this area, the company reports relevant operations within the scope of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). This international initiative aims at propagating transparency of information concerning the emission of greenhouse gases as well as indicating the progress in limiting emissions, not only on the part of the industry. Emissions of greenhouse gases are also monitored and reported by towns, banks, distribution systems, logistic companies, and other organizations not connected with the industry sector. The goal of PCC EXOL in terms of limiting the influence on climate changes is to reduce the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere by 15% up to 2020. To effectively execute this goal, an energy management policy has been development and implemented. During 2 years, the company plans to additionally implement an emissions management system, to be audited by a third party.

Creating sustainable chemicals and promoting this idea within the Polish chemical sector, PCC EXOL S.A. will execute and actively participate in several initiatives in the scope of corporate social responsibility, including: Diversity Cards, Code of Ethics, 10 rules of UN Global Compact, to which the company is a signatory. In July 2014, the Company joined the group of participants of the programme entitled “Responsibility and Care”, within the scope of which, along with other representatives of the chemical industry, it seeks solid and reliable basis for sustainable development, to be implemented within the scope of the company’s structures. The effect of combining business activity and the idea of sustainable development is the RSPO certificate (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil) granted to the company, which allows balanced consumption of raw materials on the basis of certified palm oil, and tracking them within the supply chain. Employees of the Company, engaged in various activities and participate in many conferences, meetings and training relating to promoting and implementing the concept of business ethics. The company’s operations relating to development, innovation and expansion to new, international markets, are aimed at promoting business ethics based on the developed Code of Ethics for employees and stakeholders, in particular suppliers of raw materials and services.

PCC EXOL better understands the aspect of corporate responsibility in the broad sense. The company gains experience, participating in domestic and international initiatives; reports and assesses its activities, achieving success in this scope; benefits from dialogue and cooperation with clients, suppliers, signatories and many organizations that support sustainable development in Poland and around the world.

Beata Gruś
Marketing & Sustainable Development Manager
Contact : phone: +48 71 794 24 24

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