PCC EXOL. More than chemisty...

PCC EXOL. More than chemisty...


Brzeg Dolny, 8 December 2016

Since 2012, PCC EXOL SA reports greenhouse gas emission under international project CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). Reporting as part of this organisation is one of the key requirements in the process of supplier qualification, performed by the customers who are among the international manufacturers of cosmetics and detergents. Starting from the current year, emission reports submitted in accordance with the European GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocol), are evaluated according to a letter scale in the range from A to F. Taking into account the changes introduced by the CDP organisation, emission report for 2015, submitted by PCC EXOL SA, was evaluated as very good by an international group of auditors, receiving a high mark B. Taking into account that the average mark in the category "Supply Chain" is "D" our company received a very good result, thus staying in the top of the best evaluated companies in Europe and in the world. Below we present the evaluation of PCC EXOL compared to particular fields of the questionnaire, with regard to the average mark in the market, average CDP and the total average evaluation of the CDP responders. The charts show that the results of PCC EXOL SA significantly exceed the CDP average in each of the three fields. For us it is a source of great satisfaction, because of the high level of evaluation we have managed to maintain for 3 years in the row. What is more, the CDP results translate to the increase of the grade in the system of qualified suppliers which our company is subjected by strategic customers. CDP report is more than just the measurement of the carbon footprint of the organisation. It encompasses broader aspects of sustainable development, which regard such areas as strategy and approach to sustainable management, identification and prioritization of risk, opportunities and threats in terms of climate change and other fields of activity. Participation in the CDP initiative and major progress in the evaluation of PCC EXOL SA compared to 2013 (the base year) clearly improves cooperation with strategic customers. It also proves that the Company is a solid and reliable business partner for international organisations with global reach. That is why it increases its competitive advantage by implementing the highest standards promoted by the international companies.

About the CDP

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) is a global nonprofit organisation, working with investors and companies, supporting full transparency and actions for the development of sustainable economy, preventing climate change and resource protection. CDP organisation prepares global and regional reports based on the data acquired from over 4000 companies, small and medium businesses from all over the world. Polish companies, including PCC EXOL SA are part of the index for the Central and Eastern Europe. Within the scope of building transparent communication by companies with regard to CO2 emissions management, the Central-Eastern European region still has a lot to do. For over three years CDP has been inviting the largest companies in the region, which are leaders in their brands, to engage in the initiative. In 2016 over a dozen among invited Polish companies participated in the project and answered the questions in the CDP questionnaire. It is still a small number and the quality of the delivered information still is far from the expected level. Companies in the CEE region, including Polish companies, are more aware about the necessity of taking action for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but also for effective communication of one's achievements in this field. Submitting a full CDP report is not an easy thing. It requires not only deep understanding of the idea of the report, but above all performing multiple analyses and calculations which should comply with the methods adopted by the CDP and European standards. However, the most important thing is to show the progress in the reduction of the emissions of CO2 and take the necessary steps in this direction.

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